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The Healthtech Podcast

What is The Healthtech Podcast?

The Healthtech Podcast stands at the forefront of the intersection between health and technology. It's a platform where the latest trends, innovations, and insights within the healthtech sphere are explored through engaging interviews with disruptive healthtech startups and leaders. With a global listenership spanning over 120 countries, The Healthtech Podcast is a beacon for clinicians, entrepreneurs, investors, and anyone with a keen interest in healthtech. The podcast has released over 300 episodes featuring interviews with more than 200 world-class guests, making it a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration. It's not just a podcast; it's a global community where the brightest minds in healthtech share their stories, challenges, and visions for the future​

Founder story

During my time running healthtech accelerators, podcasts emerged and there was no dedicated platform that truly captured the essence of healthtech entrepreneurship—a space where the journeys, insights, and innovations of those at the forefront could be shared and celebrated. I wanted to create it and thus, The Healthtech Podcast was born, marking a venture into the unknown.

The spirit of the podcast has always been clear to me: to delve into the worlds of entrepreneurship, leadership, startups, technology, and the people behind all the missions to change healthcare for the better. My conversations began with healthtech founders and to me, they were more than just interviews; they were deep, meaningful explorations of what it means to innovate and lead within the healthtech sector.

Today, The Healthtech Podcast still embodies that original spirit. It's become a gathering place for thought leaders, innovators, and anyone passionate about the intersection of health and technology. Each episode is a testament to the relentless pursuit of improvement in healthcare, driven by technology and led by entrepreneurs.

And now we even do events. The Healthtech Podcast LIVE will run only twice a year, but it's a change to gather the whole community in an epic events space to see the most exciting guests.

This podcast is more than just a podcast to me; it's a mission to elevate so many conversations around healthtech innovation, to spotlight the brilliant minds driving change, and to inspire a new generation of leaders to dream big and make a tangible impact on healthcare.