A communications and creative agency for healthcare companies
Comms & Creative Agency
Strategy, content, PR, design, events, media production
Since 2020

What SomX does

SomX is a communications and creative agency for healthcare organisations. We are clinicians, scientists, creatives and communicators dedicated to serving our healthtech, biotech, pharma and public sector clients with services across strategy, content, PR, design, events and media production.

There were no agencies that truly understood healthcare, technology, investment and startups, nor any with a model that worked for the healthtech sector. So we created one. We carefully design and execute a personalised, effective communications plan for each company we work with that shows your value in the most exciting, engaging and innovative way. We know what healthcare innovators need for their businesses to grow and we aren't afraid to be bold in our delivery.

We design the strategy. We secure press coverage. We execute a full multimedia content plan. We elevate your brand. Our pillars:

  1. Strategy. We listen to your story. We distill your key messages and value propositions for your healthtech audiences. And we design and execute a full communications strategy.
  2. Multimedia Content. We believe in high quality, plentiful content based on your objectives, messaging and audiences. Video and podcast production, copywriting, social media... we do it all.
  3. PR. Through press releases, features and thought leadership, we ensure that you're covered by the best publications that matter most to you and we use our networks to connect you in the space.
  4. Design. Our design team bring your vision to life. We create a brand identity that matches your company strategy and personality. We produce engaging visuals that set you apart.
  5. Events. We design and execute events for the entire healthcare innovation community. We partner with Google Cloud on a community event series and use our expertise to run events for clients and partners too.
  6. Media Production. Our video and audio production teams, alongside our design team create compelling brand experiences across our clients to bring brand values, concepts and often complex science to life.

Founder Story

I started SomX after running healthtech accelerators and realising that there were few good options for anyone innovating healthcare to access expert comms advice. Jessica and I scaled quickly and we're now focused on scaling SomX to achieve a level of palpable impact on global healthcare. We reinvest a lot of profits on community events to elevate our space and bring the community together. We want to really make a difference. But in the right way: collaboratively, ethically and abiding by our principles for how we treat ourselves and our clients.

I like this collection of quotes from Simon Sinek - it really eloquently explains my framework for how I approach building SomX as an innovative organisation.

“The game of business fits the very definition of an infinite game... An infinite perspective frees us from fixating on what other companies are doing, which allows us to focus on a larger vision... Finite players play to beat the people around them. Infinite players play to be better than themselves.”

SomX exists to elevate healthcare by supporting the greatest innovators of our time. There is no race, there is no ultimate winner, we aren't focused on any competition. Every day we're just trying to out-do ourselves. We're here for impact and that's an infinite game.