SomX Healthtech Talks

A groundbreaking series of candid discussions with healthtech leaders
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Since 2022
SomX Healthtech Talks

What are SomX Healthtech Talks?

SomX Healthtech Talks emerged from a simple need: to create a space where honesty informs progress. In a landscape where healthtech events often felt sales-driven and superficial, there was a glaring absence of platforms for genuine, unfiltered conversations. This series was envisioned—an event I would attend myself, marked by authenticity, relaxation, and invaluable insights. The initial gatherings were small, starting at the Health Foundry with about 15 attendees, growing incrementally to 30, then 60; and it was at one of these sessions, right before the COVID pandemic, that Amber and Marie from Google experienced the atmosphere we fostered. Their enthusiasm for what we had created led to a partnership that propelled the talks to new heights post-COVID, hosting 250+ attendees at Google’s venues, where the essence of those early gatherings—honest dialogue, deep learning, and community building—continue to thrive​.

Founder story

My journey into the world of Healthtech Talks began with a realisation: there were no sincere, unguarded exchanges among healthtech founders and leaders. I needed events not just to attend, but to be a part of—sessions that ditched sales pitches in favour of raw, insightful dialogues. This craving led to the inception of my own series, starting at the Health Foundry with a handful of like-minded individuals. The growth was organic but undeniable and just before the COVID pandemic, Amber and Marie from Google attended, later proposing that we elevate these talks to a the stage at Google. This wasn't just a milestone for the talks but for me, personally.

What have I learned? Focus on value. The word about true quality spreads quickly.