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Healthtech Pigeon

What is Healthtech Pigeon?

In the bustling world of healthtech innovation, staying updated with the latest news can be a challenge. That's where Healthtech Pigeon swoops in, offering a concise weekly roundup that delivers the most vital updates directly to your inbox. With over 5,000 subscribers, Healthtech Pigeon has carved out its niche as a beloved newsletter and podcast, lauded for its quick, digestible format that covers the UK's healthtech scene and beyond. It's not just about the news; it's about fostering a flock of healthtech enthusiasts, professionals, and innovators who want toto keep their finger on the pulse of the industry, without the overwhelm... and with a bit of fun.

Founder story

When I set out to create Healthtech Pigeon, it was all about making something that had innate value and relevance. I only wanted to start a newsletter I'd read myself, so it had to be short and fun. My inspiration was actually Rock Weekly by Rock Health, which masterfully covers the US healthtech scene and there was nothing similar for the UK. It wasn't just a gap in the market; it was an opportunity to serve a community thirsty for a concise and fun news roundup.

A little known fact - Mustafa Sultan from the Big Picture Medicine podcast actually came to me with the idea for a newsletter first and after we chatted about it, he helped me launch Healthtech Pigeon and worked on it with me in the early days. That started a journey to the vibrant community that surrounds Healthtech Pigeon today and it's a testament to the collective effort of many writers, graphic designers, and healthtech enthusiasts alike have all played their part in shaping its identity. Each contribution has enriched the newsletter, ensuring it remains a beacon of knowledge, creativity, and inspiration within the UK healthtech ecosystem and I'm incredibly grateful to everyone that's been part of it.

They have helped sculpt a platform that does more than inform; it connects, inspires, and elevates the conversation around health technology. And we all have fun writing it and readin it. Ideal.